WP1 – Management and coordination

The Management Support Team will care for the organization  of activities and the assistance to WP Leaders for issuing technical reports.The aims of this work package are to coordinate and manage the development of the project, to define and implement the project strategies, to monitor the development and the progress of the project in each phase and to ensure the compliance with the work programme.

1.1 Drafting the Task Planning Document
1.2 Progress monitoring and evaluation
1.3 Quality and risk management
1.4 Project meetings
1.5 Technical and financial reporting

WP2 – Communication

After the design and the implementation of the project web site, all partners will contribute to the realization of events addressed to general public to enhance awareness about the relevance of project issues for cross-border knowledge transfer and increased cooperation. MPC partners will be particularly committed to sensitize stakeholders and decision makers, with the view of a successful organization of e-participation events.

2.1 Design and implementation of the project web site
2.2 Public awareness raising
2.3 Sensitization of stakeholders and decision makers
2.4 Draw-up of final handbook
2.5 Organization of final conference  and award of the Mediterranean Business Plan      Competition prizes

WP3 – Capitalisation of the results

All partners will contribute to draft and develop in progress the sustainability strategy.
All partners will be committed to the validation and general standardization of innovative solutions devised during the project implementation.

3.1 Draw-up of sustainability strategy
3.2 Set up of stakeholders network
3.3 Validation and general standardization  of innovative approaches
3.4 Policy action plans

WP4 – Roadmaps for technology transfer and spin-off development in strategic sectors for local economy

The WP leader will coordinate the technology transfer roadmap design in MPCs. The other MPC partners will contribute to the organization of one Town Meeting in their territory and will validate the Open Innovation methodology for further implementation.

4.1 Identification of pilot themes
4.2 Organization of town meetings
4.3 Finalization and deployment of an Open Innovation (OI) framework
4.4 Validation of the methodology and guidelines for further implementation

WP5 – Implementation of technology transfer units as research-to-industry interface

The EU partners will advise on research facilities upgrading and accessibility, sharing good practices already available.
MPC partners will improve their labs, in order to optimize technology transfer services, and draft protocols to increase the accessibility of research facilities to young entrepreneurs and to companies in the frame of ad-hoc agreements; finally, they will launch pilot TT initiatives in the themes identified.

5.1 Definition of facilities, equipment and skills needed for optimizing technology transfer process
5.2 Commissioning procedures for upgrading equipment of research facilities identified in MPC countries
5.3 Establishment of protocols for access to and full exploitation of research facilities
5.4 Integration of TT services delivered by research facilities into the  OI framework
5.5 Launch of joint pilot TT initiatives within the themes identified

WP6 – Scouting business ideas and managerial mentoring

The EU partners will make available their huge experience in fostering spin-off development and incubation process, mentoring the MPC partners with ad hoc expertise on site.
The MPC partners will recruit and sensitize researchers interested in conveying their research results into business ideas and will contribute to exploit the business potential and contents of technical innovation and to pilot the spin-off development.

6.1 Recruitment of the target group for sensitization activities
6.2 Identification of business ideas
6.3 Feasibility studies
6.4 Managerial mentoring & consultancy on technical innovation
6.5 Coaching potential entrepreneurs to check market feasibility
6.6 Highlighting good practices of spin off generation and impact as TT catalyser

WP7 – Transnational exchange of know-how on innovation and entrepreneurship

The MPC partners will identify the participants in the mobility schemes and will ensure the full integration of the results from transnational exchange into the sending structures.
The EU partners will host and tutor young entrepreneurs and TTO staff from MPC countries and facilitate the exchange of good practice.

7.1 Recruitment of participants in the mobility schemes
7.2 Hosting and tutoring young entrepreneurs from MPC countries at EU research facilities
7.3 Organization of short secondments of MPC technology transfer units staff at EU partner premises
7.4 Short list of best practices for exploitation of knowledge and IP (patents and spin-offs)

WP8 – Informal training for innovation management, communication & exploitation of results

The EU partners will contribute to informal training for MPC researchers, young entrepreneurs and TTOs staff and will organize training sessions and webinars.
The MPC partners will contribute to deliver training activities and support the participation of trainees in the Business Plan Competition.
The WP Leader will provide supervision of training programme and virtual learning environment and will make available its experience in the Start-up Weekend events organization.

8.1 Adaptation of an e-learning platform as a virtual learning space and organization of learning groups
8.2 Early stage training sessions and webinars
8.3 Integration of learning communities into the OI framework
8.4 Project work at upgraded research facilities
8.5 Advanced  training sessions and webinars
8.6 Organization of a Mediterrenean Business Competition