09 Nov

PAUC communicates with the NETKITers for supporting activities

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 17.38.36PAUC has implemented a series of activities to support the NETKIters who participated in the mobility by asking them to provide comprehensive decks addressing their business ideas and the progress they achieved during the mobility. In consequence, PAUC contacted local accelerators and investors to present the ideas in front of them for any potential networking and opportunities. Moreover, the NETKITers will have the chance to present their ideas in the local dissemination conference which will be held on November the 17th in Bethlehem.

15 Oct

PAUC and ARCA meet in Bethlehem

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 17.21.04In continuation to the joint activities between PAUC and ARCA within the NETKITE project, ARCA team visited PAUC in Bethlehem to extend the joint network and agree on some upcoming activities and projects. The meeting was attended also by the Palestinian NETKITE stakeholders including PAUC representatives, Local Economic Council of Bethlehem governorate, and Local Training and Employment Council of Bethlehem governorate.

05 Aug

The mobility period of young entrepreneurs at ARCA



Within the NETKITE activity of hosting and tutoring young entrepreneurs from MPC countries at EU research facilities, 10 young entrepreneurs were hosted at ARCA from the middle of May to the end of July. Young entrepreneurs were from Palestine (3), Jordan (3), Egypt (2) and Tunisia (2). Their entrepreneurial ideas regarded different sectors: translation services, recycling, biosimilar production, renewable energy, cultural tourism, ICT, agro-food production, etc.

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23 Jul

CEEI: terminé la période d’accélération pour les entrepreneurs sélectionnés en vertu de la NETKITE Call

2015-07-21_13h31_08Après une longue période « d’incubation », le projet NetKite – Cross-border NETwork to foster Knowledge-intensive business Incubation and TEchnology transfer (réseau transfrontalier s’appuyant sur les approches open innovation qui vise à soutenir le transfert technologique), est entré dans sa phase d’accompagnement de jeunes créateurs d’entreprise transméditerranéens. En effet, le CEEI et ses partenaires italiens et chypriotes, ont accueilli des entrepreneurs issus des pays méditerranéens partenaires, à savoir, la Palestine, l’Egypte et la Jordanie. Read More

17 Jul

Imprenditrici del Mediterraneo in Sicilia per sviluppare le loro idee

gds netkiteStampa e siti web d’informazione stanno in questo momento rimbalzando la notizia di un gruppo di imprenditrici di area Mediterranea giunte a Palermo circa 2 mesi fa per sviluppare le proprie idee d’impresa. Idee presentate in concorso in occasione della Call lanciata nell’ambito del progetto NETKITE e selezionate tra le oltre 400 pervenute. Giunte a Palermo, si diceva, e più precisamente presso l’incubatore dell’Università degli Studi di Palermo, il Consorzio ARCA, che di NETKITE è anche l’ente capofila. Read More

13 Jul

caas_arca sliderThe innovation lab PUSH organizes City as a Service, initiative that will take place in Sicily next Fall. The general topic of the event is the impact of new digital services on urban spaces and particularly the role that service design can play in marginal city contexts. Due to the complexity of the topic, the event consists of two different appointments: the first one, with an educational aim, is an Intensive School that will take place in Erice, Sicily, from September 25th to October 3rd; the second one, with a dissemination approach, is an Urban Thinkers Campus and will take place in Palermo, October 8th-10th. Arca Consortium, NETKITE project leader, is partner of the event. Read More

15 Jun

Synergies Capitalization Event

17 giugnoCESIE and Consorzio ARCA, within the Capitalisation strategy and activities of the projects CaBuReRa, NETKITE and STS MED, have organised a day of activities – Synergies Capitalization Event. In order to promote exchanges, transfers and convergences among the projects the participants will meet the 17th of June 2015 at the Consorzio ARCA (Viale delle Scienze ed. 16, Palermo) and they will work together both on entrepreneurship and funding programmes. The works will start at 9.00 a.m. Read More

15 Jun

Still achievements for NETKITE project

hahnDuring his speech at the NextMed conference, Johannes Hahn – Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations – cited the project NETKITE as an example of good practice and of successful projects among the exhibited projects because it “supports innovation exchanges between enterprises and research centres in seven countries across the Mediterranean Sea basin.

Here you can read the transcription of the entire speech.