10 Mar

The results of NETKITE project

NETKITE PROJECT, developed through a two-years long work during 2014 and 2015, aimed to enhance and improve innovation strategies and to establish an effective transfer process of innovation in the territories concerned, resulting on one side into the generation of new enterprises in strategic sectors for the local economy, on the other side into pathways for introducing and managing innovation into mature productive sectors, creating new professional positions. NETKITE was inspired by Open Innovation philosophy and used Living Labs approach, meant to support innovation transfer in order to make it functional to the growth and modernization of local economic systems and to the generation of new, qualified and sustainable jobs. NETKITE was in particular designed to convey innovation generated in the research labs into the industrial system and promote the mutual exchange among young spin-off companies and more mature enterprises already operating on the market, according to a model successfully implemented in several business incubators and technology transfer bodies in Europe. Read More