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All the winners of the Netkite Call

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On Friday 18 of December, the closure event of Netkite project was held in Palermo. The theme chosen for the event was the “Mediterranean Innovation Attitude” and it was the opportunity to talk about innovation, entrepreneurial ecosystems and local development processes along with entrepreneurs from different countries of the ENPI area, economists, sociologists, researchers and musicians. But above all, the event was the concluding moment of the long “road” of the 12 finalists of the business idea competition promoted by Netkite.

The 12 finalists have reached this event after a first selection within over 400 ideas and a second selection which followed the mobility program that took place this summer and that has led them in the incubators of the partner countries, to develop their own idea.

The award ceremony was held after the finalists presented their ideas with 5 minutes pitches.

The overall winner of the competition was Emad Eddin Ammouri, general manager of Ibtaker. “Ibtaker for Technological Innovation” is a Palestinian startup company specialized in the design and promotion of educational kits, tools, and accessories. The company was founded by a group of Palestinian engineers, educators, and inventors focusing on the investment in the brain power and imagination of the young students, since they are the real fortune of any society. He received 5,000 Euros for the development of his idea.

In addiction, it was awarded a prize of 5,000 Euros to the best idea of each country in the competition (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia). Here are the names of the winners and a brief description of their projects:

Egypt Nader Ahmed Mohamed Abdelmalek4D Filament.
4D-filament is an under construction company which is specialized in producing the filament, the raw material of 3D-printers also will use the recycled plastics in the process. After NETKITE Mobility Period, 4D-Filament Team has get New perceptions and concepts.

Jordan – Ziad Hassan Abu Ayyash – Sannula.
Sannula is the only intravenous access that has a close system valve which provides the nurse with 100% control during the blood sampling or giving an intravenous fluid. It envisages, too, a manual safety trunk to prevent the needlestick injury and minimize the risk of losing the intravenous device (cannula) in case of vein rupture, solving the cost effectiveness issue in the cannulation process.

Palestine – Emad Eddin AmmouriIbtaker for Technological Innovation

Tunisia – Aida SelmiBio-Wonder.
Her business idea is the valorization of prickly pear by producing two kinds of products: organic products, such as fresh juice, organic jam, and dietary complement food, like cladodes powder which is rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. 
In addition to organic food, the production of cosmetic products such as prickly pear oil which is anti-aging, softening, hydrating and firming oil. Moreover, the byproduct of the oil prickly pear seed flour is used as 8 natural exfoliant which is anti-aging and hydrating exfoliant which complete the treatment of the oil to repair skin.

They also were awarded three special prizes to Anouaur El Guetiti (Electrically Operated Hydropneumatic Flushing System) for Best Innovation, to Abeer Daoud Salameh Abu Ghaith (MENA Alliances – Bringing Market to Talent) for Social Impact and to Dana Qadi (ClickStudio) forBest Progress Prize.

At this link you can find more information about all the ideas in the competition.

Here, a visual telling of the event.

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