23 Nov

PAUC organizes the NETKITE Dissemination Conference

Schermata 2015-11-23 alle 11.21.54In cooperation with the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute and the Local Employment and TVET council, PAUC organized the NETKITE dissemination conference in Bethlehem as a part of the NETKITE project activities in capitalizing the outcomes. The event coincides with The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and was considered as one of its main events in Palestine.

The Conference was attended by 100 persons representing the public, private and NGOs sectors that showed a broad spectrum of opinions in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Palestine. NETKITE philosophy was illustrated jointly with the deliverables, success stories and future work through comprehensive presentations and discussions.

click studio 1The seven NETKITE finalists also had the opportunity to present their startups in presence of accelerators managers, investors and entrepreneurship experts who were impressed by the great role of the NETKITE project in pushing the ideas to the light. Moreover, the finalists – on the margin of the conference— had their own startup booth to exhibit their products and services and build new networks as a result. Consequently, they were offered legal and technical support by Beit Al-Maqdis group of lawyers, Arabreneur, Palestinian Higher Council for Innovation.

The conference guested a Tech talk session presented by Igor Ovcharenko from an international organization called “Seed Stars world” to illustrate the last trends in startups and the opportunities available for entrepreneurs.

Finally, a panel discussion was conducted to wrap up the NETKITE outcomes and success stories in coherence with the new networking opportunities towards building the right ecosystem in Palestine. The panel encompassed representatives from the European Investment Bank, Local Employment office, Arabreneur Accelerator, and Palestine Ahliya University College.

The event was covered by the local media outlets; some examples are below:





10 Nov

Netkite’s dissemination day in Jordan

tkreem 1During the Dissemination Day of Netkite project, which was organized by ASRT on the 4th of November at Le Royal Hotel, Amman, Dr. Esmat Karadsheh – ENPI CBC Med Program Coordinator in Jordan and Dr. Fahmi Abu Al-Rub – Netkite’s Coordinator in Jordan marked the achievements of Jordan’s Netkite Finalists in its 2015 round. Read More

09 Nov

PAUC signs two MoUs within the NETKITE project activities

pauc MousePAUC signed two MoUs with the CDCE-I (sound and light lab) and the MOL local employment office (one-stop-shop lab) in continuation to the NETKITE project activities. The MoUs aimed at opening new networking channels — within the supported territorial thematic sectors — between the parties for the purpose of rehabilitating the mentioned research labs to be open for the research and entrepreneurship activities. Consequently, PAUC started to realize the open innovation philosophy inspired from the NETKITE project.

09 Nov

PAUC communicates with the NETKITers for supporting activities

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 17.38.36PAUC has implemented a series of activities to support the NETKIters who participated in the mobility by asking them to provide comprehensive decks addressing their business ideas and the progress they achieved during the mobility. In consequence, PAUC contacted local accelerators and investors to present the ideas in front of them for any potential networking and opportunities. Moreover, the NETKITers will have the chance to present their ideas in the local dissemination conference which will be held on November the 17th in Bethlehem.