09 Oct

5th project meeting of the NETKITE Project

justWill take place on 12 and 13 October 2015 at Jordan University of Science and Technologies in Irbid, Jordan, the 5th project meeting of the NETKITE Project. During the first day, it will be presented the roadmap for technology transfer and business development as an input to decision makers.

In the afternoon it will be discussthe scouting business ideas and managerial mentoring and there will be presentation of the “Pilot incubation programmes per sector” and of the “Guidelines and regulations for spin-off  generation and incubation in MPCs”. Closes the first day the final report on mobility flows result assessment.

On the second day, will take place a joint session on management issues such quality tools and performance indicators, monitoring and evaluation, reporting deadlines, level of expenses and budget amendments.

The afternoon session will cover the NETKITE final conference organization and the capitalizationof the results.

The meeting will conclude with a report about management and coordination by the project coordinator.

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