03 Mar

The realization of the Electronic Town Meetings in the NETKITE Mediterranean Partner Countries

img_0068_ppThe experience of the Electronic Town Meeting, thanks to the NETKITE project (“Cross-border NETwork to foster Knowledge-intensive Business Incubation and Technology Transfer”), was realised with a new look in Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt . As Umberto La Commare, President of the Consorzio ARCA (the leader of the project), said: “This project represents a further opportunity for the University and for the partners to strengthen international cooperation in the Mediterranean area in terms of enhancement of knowledge and training of young people towards entrepreneurship”.

The overall NETKITE objective is to create a cross-border public / private network inspired to an open innovation approach based on the Living Labs model, to support the creation of innovative and sustainable development processes. Its specific objective are the creation of spin-offs in strategic sectors for local economies and on the activation of pathways promoting innovation in productive sectors for the creation of new job opportunities.

The first ETM was held in Tunis (Tunisia) on November 22, organized by StartUp Systeme Tunisie (SUST), on the following topics: how to stem the flight and bring Tunisians talents back home; how to make Tunisia an innovator country; which marketing strategies use to make the country attractive; how to solve problems related to electronic payment. The event involved ordinary citizens, students, researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs and even artists.3

The second ETM was held in Bethlehem (Palestine) on December 7th. The theme of the meeting, organized by the Palestine Ahliya University College (PAUC), was youth unemployment and strategies to solve it with particular attention to the role of public institutions.

netkite etmThe third ETM was organize in Amman (Jordan) on 11 December by the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST): it discussed on renewable energies and Jordanian energy situation deepening the discussion on how to improve innovation and technology; what elements and actions to be reinforce or introduced in the institutional system; how to develop a new financing system and regulations to support the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The last ETM took place in Alexandria (Egypt) on 22 December at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) and was devoted to strategies promoting and developing Technology Transfer processes (transfer of innovation between organizations in order to create further economic development and new commercialization). In particular, the participants focused on two issues: how public policies could support research in technological innovation (with particular attention on agriculture and biotechnology); how to make a strategic development plan to create connections between research, businesses and communities.

At the end of each meeting an Instant Report was drafted presenting the main issues and solutions discussed during the ETM.

In order to become familiar with the ETM device, international partners had participated, as observers, to the ETM on the General Plan realised in Palermo on October 25. Training and technical assistance for the realisation of the project Netkite ETMs was in charge of NEXT – New Energies for the Territory – (for contents and methodology) and  of Easy – Systems Integration – (for technology and information technology) experts through training sessions held at distance. Moreover technological and methodological assistance was provided before and during the realisation of each ETM.

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