23 Jan

NETKITE Communication

1From 14 to 19 December 2014, SUST organized with AMPION (German NGO) the venture bus Tunisia. The venture was about start up creation during the trip and about sharing experience between local and international entrepreneurs.The NETKITE team was in the bus to assure communication about its project, doing some research and looking how to involve NETKITE in all of Tunisia.We invited NETKITE participants to join the Bus. CHOKRI MANSOUR, our Tunisian favorite was about to subscribe, and so was RABEB FERSI.

The bus visited different regions of Tunisia, where the NETKITE team met local researchers, incubators and laboratories:

1-   KAIROUAN, ISIG (institutsupérieur d’informatique et gestion)

 2-   TOZEUR, ISET (L’Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques)

 3-   GABES, ISET (L’Institut Supérieur des Etudes Technologiques)

 4-   SFAX, ENIS (Ecole Nationale d’ingénieur de Sfax)

During this event, people were interested about NETKITE. We shared some contacts to2 involve them in our project especially integration of the 30 selected projects.

This travel allowed us to meet some of our participants in their regions. The NETKITE participants in Tunisia are as diverse as the regions visited by the Bus.

 NETKITE and AMPION are spreading the same idea among entrepreneurs: it is that Startup creation is more like a travel that a destination.

3This Ampion Bus entrepreneurship event was so well co-organized by our Teams that ANGELA MERKEL her self-asked to meet one of the organizers to hear the story from him.

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