23 Jan

First ETM edition in Africa made by SUST in Tunisia

sustElectronic Town Meeting on his first edition in Tunisia was in 22/10/2014 at SESAME (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées ET de Management) organized by SUST. The main feature in ETM is to allow face-to-face interaction between people. They are involved in a good discussion with other people discussing on other tables on the same topic and in the same time. This system allowed gathering a huge number of advice and valuable information.

The software allows sending information from the debate to a main area where a2 “theme team leader” will deliver an instantly designed report.

Therefore, the good thing is you can get together a lot of people discussing at the same time quickly and in an efficient way.

In the end of the day, you will get a fresh instant report. Everyone can see his ideas put together on a common document shared with the others.

Thanks to NETKITE, we are trying to help Mediterranean innovation ecosystems to test and adopt new tools for knowledge transfer, innovation and collaboration among enterprises and institutions.

3That allows young people to work in a new environment. ETM support ecosystems and support actors to interact in a new way by sharing their knowledge and transferring the experiences.

That is why four interesting themes have been chosen to be discussed during the ETM:

  • How to bring Tunisian talents from abroad?
  • How to make Tunisia an innovative country?
  • Wich are best marketing practices in Tunisia
  • How to progress without online payment in Tunisia?

 This first edition was a success thanks to the 80 participants (researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, universities teachers…) and 35 organizers (Reporters, Facilitators, technicians and welcome team).

The organization Team supervised by our three Italians guests Simone Lucido, Maurizio 4Giambalvo and Gabriele Callari.

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