24 Nov

First “Mediterranean Forum for Entrepreneurship in Economy”


Entrepreneurship is generally recognized as a vital element in economic development and an engine for private sector growth and diversity. It plays a major role in contributing to capital formation, creating employment opportunities, reducing the concentration of economic powers, inducing forward and forward linkages in an economy, creating and distributing wealth, and generally promoting economic growth.The Mediterranean countries must to move towards more private sector oriented economies, there is an urgent need to encourage and support entrepreneurship, and to foster a generation of young entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and business culture to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities in the future.

In light of that, Ascame, UfM, Unimed in cooperation with Interactive Business universities, schools and others Network are organizing this year the First Mediterranean Forum for Entrepreneurship in Economy, during wich Fabio Maria Montagnino (Managing Director of Arca Consortium), representing the NETKITE Consortium, will present the NETKITE comprehensive approach to promote innovative entrepreneurship in euromediterranean regions.

See the Official Programme.

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