25 Jul

Palestine Focus group meeting

Disseminating NET KITE……….

palestine focus group_01NETKITE – Cross-border Network to Foster Knowledge Intensive Business Incubation and Technology Transfer, is a project designed to transfer innovation born in research labs into the industrial system and promote the mutual exchange of young spin-off companies and mature enterprises already operating on the market. This is a model adopted by several business incubators and technology transfer bodies.In order to communicate the goals of the project to stakeholders of the three selected thematic areas for Palestine, Cultural and Heritage, Agri-food, and Innovation in Public Services, and to collect feedback of stakeholders on specific issues within the thematic areas, PAUC conducted a focus group activity on June, 23rd 2014.

The three thematic areas……….

Within the group that discussed the theme Innovation in Public Services, most of the stakeholders participating emphasized that development in this area could be achieved by creating strategic cooperations between the private, public, and civil sectors, as a first step. Moreover, all participants emphasized the need to synthesize the development with the new trends which are going towards the idea of the Ministry of Labor’s ’One Stop Shop’ and the centralizations of public E-services. Finally, members of this group also recommended actions to enhance the development of entrepreneurial competencies and incubation philosophy.palestine focus group_02
The group which tackled the theme of Cultural Heritage emphasized that the development of this theme could be done by enhancing Folklore Arts, encouraging heritage archiving campaigns and heritage archiving competencies among researchers. Group members discussed registering Palestinian cultural sites on Google Earth to increase tourism, and stakeholders agreed on the great need for interventions that promote the entrepreneurial competencies in heritage, incubation philosophy, and IT investments in cultural and heritage projects (e.g. 3D tourism, virtual reality and museums projects).
The last group discussed the theme: Agro-food, and all the stakeholders involved agreed that the development in this theme could be done through innovative ideas in the agricultural, food and livestock industries.

Furthermore, all participants in focus groups recommended interventions that result in the stimulation of entrepreneurship amongst youth, and graduation projects in the fields of agro-food, enhancing incubation philosophy, health, and governmental and civil sector development through IT projects and services.

Commitment to NET KITE……

Finally, participants showed great interest in the NETKITE project, most of whom committed to participating in future project activities and committees. Participants have also proposed additional stakeholders who could serve to support the success of the project.In the past few years, there has been an ongoing trend to initiate programs promoting the entrepreneurship and the incubation culture. For example, Intel Business Plan Contest, the Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition, the NEKITE2, PICTI3 which initiated enormous programs such as Intilaq, world summit mobile award, Palestine Innovation Initiative.

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