25 Jul

NetKite project adopts ISO 21500 standard

As foreseen in the EU projects, also NETKITE adopted a quality plan for its development in order to achieve a high quality standard of the process and of the activities and deliverables resulting from them.

In order to ensure that project processes are effectively used to produce quality project deliverables, NETKITE adopted an innovative system based on the measure of Process Quality Standards settled by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 21500:2012. The International Standard ISO 21500 provides guidance on concepts and processes of project management that are important for, and have impact on the performance of projects. It provides high-level description of concepts and processes that are considered to form good practice in project management.A project management guidance on this standard was published in order to improve project success and achieve business results.

In accordance to the “ISO 21500 Guidance on Project Management”, project management is subdivided into subjects and performed through processes (process is a set of interrelated activities). The International Standard ISO 21500 identifies the recommended project management processes to be used during a project as a whole, for individual phases or both. The processes should be aligned in a systemic view. Each phase of the project life cycle should have specific deliverables (which are described and evaluated as below). These deliverables should be regularly reviewed during the project to meet the requirements of the financing authority, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

NET KITE is one of the first EU projects using that approach, which is still experimental, and trying to meet the foreseen standards through an excel tool especially built for this purpose.

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