01 Dec

ARCA launches a contest for the new NETKITE logo


In view of the imminent start of the NETKITE project “Cross-border NETwork to foster Knowledge-intensive business Incubation and TEchnology transfer”, ARCA Consortium has launched a contest for the creation of the official logo.

The project, which will be more thoroughly discussed in the next days, aims to enhance and improve the innovation strategies and to establish an effective process of innovation transfer in the affected areas, by resulting, on the one hand, the creation of spin-off companies in strategic sectors for the local economy; on the other hand, by activating pathways to introduce and manage the innovation in mature sectors and to create new jobs opportunities. ARCA invites you to try your hand in the creation of a logo for the NETKITE project, asking you to motivate the concept that underlies its realization.

The goal, that will guide the logo creation, must enhance the NETKITE project, and indirectly also the cross-border program in which the project is located, through a creative and strongly identifying image, that will become a symbol of all promotional activities.

The dead line for the submission of their project is December 13, 2013, at 12 am

The email address to send your project or to get further information is segreteria@consorzioarca.it.

Up for grabs, the ARCA Consortium offers a prize of 1000 Euros.
The winner will also be given the possibility to collaborate professionally with ARCA to develop the coordinated and identification graphic image of NETKITE project and the related informational materials.

In this attachment you will find all the contest specifications, as well as a more detailed description of NET KITE project.


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